I need some advice. I am underage (for the USA) but I am in love with someone who is 27. And no it isn't what you think it is. We met through uni classes and I know what his motives are. The problem isn't about power imbalances or being physical (because it is illegal and we both are mature enough to understand the consequences). I'm more worried about how I'M going to wait that long to be physically intimate with him. And how we can make it work.

i know it’s a difficult situation but all you can do is wait and hope he waits for you too. if he is happy to wait until you’re legal then it is obvious that both of your feelings are mutual. there is not much else you can do apart from enjoy each other’s company without “breaching the law” kind of thing.

I want to kill my self, that's my though for the past year, but now it's every second every day :( I am not worth it, I don't deserve the world and the world doesn't deserve me

you’re absolutely right, the world doesn’t deserve you. you are kind, special, amazing, beautiful and you are far too good for a world that makes people feel how you do now, but that doesn’t mean you give up. it means you stand up and show the world you’re better, show the world you’re stronger, prove them wrong. in the wise words of a very wise man, “suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems”. 

I'm so sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language but this is like the best blog ever and you guys are so nice and it feels amazing to know that I'm not alone and you guys are always here <3 SO THANK YOU!!!

Your english is perfect, don’t worry:-) but thank you so much! We really appreciate the kind words and it’s really good to know that our blog is actually helping people! <3

Thankyou, I'm just gald someone agrees with me, I don't have any other friends though...unfortunately, but thankyou again. What you're doing is a great thing. :)

It’s absolutely fine! New friends are easily found and made, I’m sure you’ll find some people more worth your time in the future:-) and thank you so much.

Hi i need some advise, at school I feel like no one likes me, I don't know why, I try everything but no one seems to notice, I try acting like I don't care and hide my feelings but I don't know if I can anymore, what should I do?

One piece of advice I always try my best to follow is “When you walk into a room, act as if everybody loves you”. I’m not suggesting that everyone doesn’t love you but it gives you a lot of confidence and after a while you will start to believe and naturally not care about who talks to you and who doesn’t. I also think as you grow older, you will make friends who will make you not care about all the other people at school and the only people you’ll want to bother with is them. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, life is too short to waste time on that! The only person whose opinion of you matters is your own - always remember that.

i've just left school and i'm kind of "seeing" a boy that i went to school with. i normally hate people who are really sweet and kind because i get really cringed out and normally go for people who are more "banter-y" if that makes sense. however when i speak to this boy i don't get cringed out so i took that as a "sign" but i recently met another lad through mutual friends and we have so much more in common and have lots of "banter" idk what to do!!

If you are with or like a person and develop feelings for a second person, always go for the second person. This is because if you really liked the first person then you wouldn’t have fell for the second. This is something I always keep in mind in any relationship/boys matter. Of course, if you don’t have feelings for this second boy then it’s irrelevant right now but it’s still good to know. Also, if normally people being ‘cheesy’ almost to you normally cringes you out but this boy doesn’t, it might be less to do with your infatuation with him and more to do with a kind of disgust towards other boys who do so. I wouldn’t base getting into a relationship with someone solely on this, you need to make sure that you really actually like him as a person before you consider it.

Still, the fact that there is a second boy in the picture here speaks volumes to me. I also think you shouldn’t talk to any of them until you sort out in your head what you want otherwise it’s not fair because you could be essentially leading them both on. I don’t want this to sound like I’m criticizing you because I’ve been through the same thing myself but it is a very awkward situation.

You don't care about me, no one does. Just saying. Don't give me that bullshit 'we do care we want to help and all that'

I do care, I swear on my own life that I care. I’ve been in dark places myself, had some horrible experiences and I want to do everything I can to help people in situations like that. I know even having one person I could talk to back then would’ve helped me a whole lot and that’s exactly what I’m here for. I value life so much, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity we get to experience living on this amazing planet with a lot of amazing people. I wouldn’t waste the limited time I have on Earth trying to help people whatever their problems unless I really really cared, and I do.

Wanted to state my opinion. I am constantly beong told i am too nice to people and need to stick up for myself, but now that i have, i'm getting shit for it. Did I do the right thing by stating my opinion? Sorry to bother you...

i know you sent this question in 3 parts but i’ll just answer the last part to avoid confusion:-) i think you did completely the right thing by saying your opinion, i think really it has/going to show you what kind of friends those girls actually are. good friends will accept your opinion and accept what you think (even if they don’t personally agree) and won’t let it ruin a friendship. if these girls are going to give you a hard time just because you’re telling them something they’re probably not used to hearing then obviously they don’t value their friendship with you enough and in that case, i would say they’re not worth it. if you have friends in another group i’d suggest maybe focusing more on them or other people that deserve your time more. you haven’t bothered me at all, i hope i’ve helped:-) if not, feel free to send another question, i’m always here!

I really hope for the day when I no longer wake up. No one gives a fuck about me anymore. My dad used to beat my mom my sister and me and that made me feel worthless. I feel like no one can love a girl whos dad doesn't love her. Cutting is my way out

If your Dad used to beat you, your mom and sister, I think that makes him the worthless one, not you. That’s his big big mistake that he’s made, it is nothing to do with the person you are but everything to do with the person he is. Please don’t ever let a horrible thing like that affect your view on other things. I believe there are lots of people who love you right now and so many people who will in the future, people who are in the right frame of mind and know how to treat someone as special as you. Be happy that you wake up everyday. Be happy that you have the opportunity to go out into the world and are able to treat people the right way, even if you did have to experience the wrong. The thing’s we deal with in life make us stronger and who knows, one day you might be able to help someone who is in your situation.

As for the cutting - please don’t. You’ll have a bad enough time dealing with your problems and still trying to cope with what your Dad did, you don’t need scars all over your body aswell. In the long run, you will regret it and it won’t be as worth it as you once thought it was. Try to take your pain out in other ways rather than ways that will stay on your body forever. You can always try writing down your worries/problems on a piece of paper then burning it - I do this sometimes even know and I feel like it really does relieve you as if you’ve literally burned all your troubles away.

I need help. I feel useless and people don't respect me, and i get thoughts of self harm. One of my friends comforted me and gave me advice, but the comfort is wearing off. I feel so depressed.

I think that the fact you get thoughts of self harm but haven’t turned to it already shows that you’re a strong person and that’s something to be proud of. As for people respecting you - you only have one life, one amount of time on this Earth and that is so so precious, don’t waste your time on silly things like people’s “respect”. The only person’s respect you need is your own, you’re the only person who knows what’s going through your mind and what you’ve been through in general. If people can’t respect you and what you’ve dealt with in life then that’s a shame for them, they just don’t understand. Focus on things that are actually worth your time rather than people who aren’t:-)

I honestly want to just kill myself and get it all over it. No one likes me since I'm a short fat girl who self-harms. I'm scared my boyfriend doesn't even love me. It's been a year and a half, since we dated and he gave me a second chance. But my friend said she pushed him to give me another chance. He says he misses me, but I don't know. Today I wrecked my four wheeler. On purpose. Why am I such a fuck up? I could have killed myself. Even tho that's what I wanted.

You’re not a fuck up at all. You’ve got so many years left ahead of you to explore, do new things, have new experiences, how could you possibly determine that you’re a fuck up now? Some people do go through rough times, but it doesn’t mean they’ve messed up and shouldn’t be here, it means they’re (including you) are strong because you’ve experienced the downside of life and still chosen to live. Just trust me that suicide is not the answer to any of this. You have so much about you even if you can’t see, your boyfriend must be able to see this. It’s a big thing to let someone be apart of your life, to spend your time on them so you must be special to him. And if he says he misses you? Believe me, he does. If you don’t want to pull through this for yourself then pull through it for him, and if he misses you now, think how much he’d miss you if you were gone.

i want to kill myself. i just came out as bisexual and everyone is treating me differently. im feel like im worthless. even my parents hate me for being who i am.

Please please don’t kill yourself or even attempt to. There are other ways out of this and you shouldn’t even consider suicide as a “last resort”, believe me. No matter how they’re treating you right now, you mean so much to a lot of people, please trust me on that. People might be treating you differently right now because you’ve only just come out as bisexual like you said, it can come as a bit of a shock to some people, especially those who aren’t particularly in a modern frame of mind such as your parents. As soon as they see that your sexuality doesn’t affect who you are as a person, things will probably go back to normal. If they don’t, then I would say that you have the wrong people in your life and you need to find people worth your time. Just please trust me that things will get better no matter how bad they seem. There are lots of people who are bisexual and they stand proud despite what other people think of them because all that matters is what you think of yourself. It may take time but things will definitely get better x

My friend really likes someone and she makes me talk to him for her. Now that I know him better though I am starting to like him. What should I do?

This is an awkward situation and I think you need to think very carefully about how much you value your friendship with your friend and how much you like this boy. I would personally put your friend first and I would do this by telling her that she needs to start talking to him herself otherwise she’s never going to get to know him/he’s never going to get to know her. If she carries on insisting you to talk to him then, if you ask me, she really is to blame if you and this boy end up liking each other because she pushed it. A good friend will never let boys come in the way anyway, they are a problem easily solved. I hope this helped:-)